Private Yoga Instruction


Are you thinking about a private yoga session? Ask yourself:

  • Are you interested in beginning a yoga practice, but feel a bit intimidated about jumping right into a studio class? 
  • Do you have a particular health concern or injury that may cause limitations in your body, requiring personalized attention to modify in your yoga practice? 
  • Is there a specific yogic focus that you are looking to cultivate more in your personal practice? 
  • Do you wish to deepen your practice under the personal guidance of a yoga instructor? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, private yoga instruction may be right for you.

Private instruction is an excellent opportunity for in-depth exploration of your practice, detailed attention to any and all of your questions and  and an individualized class planned to meet your needs. 

Sessions are typically one hour, take place in your home and can be focused in any way you'd like.  This may include:

  •  A "brand new beginner" yoga crash-course
  • A well rounded vinyasa class
  • Attention to alignment specifics
  • Instruction centered around a particular category of poses
  • Yin and/or restorative sequences
  • Pre or postnatal yoga
  • Yoga for emotional balance
  • Any combination of these suggestions and your own ideas
Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.
— The Bhagavad Gita

We will communicate about your interests, desires and any challenges you may face in your yoga practice prior to your session. 

Testimonial:  "Kelly brings yoga instruction to a new level. She is always prepared to learn more, but her existing knowledge base seems endless. Kelly's passion for learning and understanding yoga shines through in every aspect of her teaching.  In short, Kelly is everything you could want in a yoga instructor. She is approachable and friendly, competent and compassionate, and a true professional in her knowledge of the practice of yoga."             --A.H., Yoga Student and Instructor

Testimonial: "Kelly’s light shines bright from the moment she enters the studio, and she welcomes each student as she would a dear friend, creating a safe space for any student to experience the practice. Kelly has an incredibly deep understanding of the nuances of every pose, but her mastery is never showy. She just loves yoga, and she shares her knowledge and experience with such joy that you can’t help but love it too. No matter the reason you seek Kelly’s teaching, you just get the sense that she understands you. Her words and her actions are genuine, and the lives of many students and clients have been greatly enriched by her wise and compassionate guidance."                              --L.D. Certified Health Coach and Yoga Instructor,