Stress Management in the Office


Work related demands can place stress on employees, which in turn can lead to tension in the body and mind, absenteeism, decreased work productivity, depression and anxiety in workers.  Many business have begun investing in the health and well being of their employees by offering options for a healthy lifestyle, including some options that can take place right in the office.

By incorporating yoga, breathing and meditation practices, we can learn to relate to stress on the job differently, relieve tension and aches in the body and find more ease in what is the reality of the fast-paced work environment. Taking breaks to invest in healthy stress management at work can begin to change the culture of the workplace to one where the health and happiness of the employees is as valued as the work they produce.

Many companies find that this leads to wonderful benefits for their employees:

  • greater stress management ability
  • improved health and immune functioning of workers
  • decreased absenteeism
  • increased productivity, creativity and concentration in employees
  • greater energy, stamina and motivation
  • improved job satisfaction and morale among employees

My Stress Management in the Office workshops are designed to introduce useful techniques that you can utilize throughout the work day to manage stress.  Workshops are a combination of yoga stretches that can all be done at your desk, calming breathing techniques and mindfulness meditation.  I can come to your office for a one-time visit to offer a class, or on an ongoing basis to offer support and stress release to your staff.  What a wonderful investment in your office and employees!